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15 May is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. There is a full 24 hours of useful talks from leading accessibility advocates#GAAD or #ID24 on Twitter.

What is Accessify Wiki? Edit

  • It is a Wiki where you can write accessibility and usability fixes;
  • It is an open community, where you can take action to improve the Web for all;
  • It is a way to deliver unobtrusive accessibility fixes via Javascript to the end user;
  • And, it allows site owners to get a head-start with accessibility;

What it isn't Edit

  • Accessify Wiki is not a panacea -- it is not a way to fix all accessibility problems;
  • It is not a long-term solution to accessibility for a site -- it does not let businesses off the hook;

Create fixes Edit

Start creating accessibility fixes for a site or part of a site:

Useful pages Edit

Here are some pages to get us started:

External links Edit

Other useful links:

Contact Edit

Contact Nick Freear via email or Twitter.

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Fix:Wikipedia
    edited by NickFreear diff
    Summary: Adding fixes for Wikipedia fundraising banner(s).
  • new page Fix:TeamworkPM
    created by NickFreear
    New page: "Teamwork is an easy to use online project management app that gets you organised so that you can reduce unnecessary meetings and simply Get Things...
    Summary: Initial accessibility fixes for the online project management tool
    Added categories: Fix, IET-OU
  • edit Fix:nQuire-it
    edited by NickFreear diff
    Summary: Accessibility fixes fixes for the "vote widget"
  • edit Fix:OER Evidence Hub
    edited by NickFreear diff
    Summary: Adding LACE to test URLs etc.
    Added category: IET-OU
  • new page
    created by NickFreear
    New page: Get ACCESSIBLE HELP for free daily - Wayfinding - Apps - iBeacons - Accessibility for All - SHOP - EAT - TRAVEL - NEWS  %YAML...
    Summary: Initial fixes for Accessible Help
    Added category: Fix
  • categorization Fix:JuxtaLearn
    edited by NickFreear diff
    Added category: IET-OU
  • new page Fix:nQuire-it
    created by NickFreear
    New page: Our aim is to help you explore your world by joining and creating scientific missions. We have three types of mission on nQuire-it - Win-it missions,...
    Summary: Initial fixes for nQuire-it Missions site.
    Added categories: Fix, OU, Research, Science, IET-OU


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  • edit Fix:JuxtaLearn
    edited by NickFreear diff
    Summary: Adding "ClipIt" fixes and enhancements.
  • edit Fix:JuxtaLearn
    edited by A Wikia contributor diff
    Summary: Add more "ClipIt" test URLs.
    Added category: Elgg
  • edit Build fix js
    edited by NickFreear diff
    Summary: Reduce <frame> height, from 1000, to 650 pixels.

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