The Internet Archive contains lots of videos. Unfortunately it uses JW Plyaer which appears to be highly inaccessible. Here are fixes for embedded players ...

%TAG !,2013:
    #name: {{PAGENAME}}
    #description: ""
    ignore_defaults: true
    default_locale: en
        - Nick @nfreear
    created: 2015-08-20
a[href = '#']:
    role: button

.jwplayer .jwcontrols .jwdisplayIcon:
    aria-label: Play video
    title: Play video
    role: button
    tabindex: 0
".jwplayer #jw6_related > divs:first":
    aria-label: Close related videos
    role: button
    tabindex: 0
# JW Player playlist.
body.embedded .jwlist:
    role: menu
    aria-label: Video play list

body.embedded .jwlist .jwrow:
    role: button
    tabindex: 0

body.embedded > a[target = _top]:
    # Weird - contains <script> and nothing else?!
	# Eg.
    aria-label: Details of the video
# JW Player "dock" buttons.
".jwplayer .jwdock button #jw6_doc_btn1":
    aria-label: Details
".jwplayer .jwdock button #jw6_doc_btn2":
    aria-label: Help with embedding
# JW Player control bar.
.jwplayer .jwcontrolbar:
    aria-label: Video player controls

.jwcontrolbar .jwbuttoncontainer > *:
    #role: button

.jwcontrolbar .jwplay button:
    aria-label: Play/ Pause
    title: Play/ Pause

.jwcontrolbar .jwprev button:
    aria-label: Previous playlist track
    title: Previous playlist track

.jwcontrolbar .jwnext button:
    aria-label: Next playlist track
    title: Next playlist track

.jwcontrolbar .jwcc button:
    aria-label: Captions (sub-titles)

.jwcontrolbar .jwmute button:first:
    aria-label: Mute/ Un-mute

.jwcontrolbar .jwfullscreen button:
    aria-label: Full-screen

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