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Enjoy free online courses (MOOCs) from leading UK and international universities. Accessibility and usability fixes for the new site, now in Beta.

%YAML 1.2
    name: {{PAGENAME}}
        - Fix:UserVoice_widget
    default_locale: en-GB

.headernav a.icon, .headernav .navblock a:
    title: Future Learn home

    role: navigation
    aria-label: Main menu

    role: contentinfo

    aria-label: Carousel of partner organizations

    aria-labelledby: .upcoming-courses h2
    aria-label: Carousel of upcoming courses

.flex-control-paging a:
    role: button
    tabindex: -1

a[href = '#']:
    role: button

# UserVoice
    role: button
    title: Give feedback
    aria-haspopup: true
    aria-owns: uvw-dialog-uv-1   # May work! Later in page life-cycle

    role: button
    tabindex: -1


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