Portal to public service information from the UK Government, including directories, online services, news and information of relevance to specific groups.

This government web site is already fairly accessible. You will find some fixes and enhancements below.

%YAML 1.2

    global_rank: 2491   # Alexa; UK rank: 79.
    default_locale: en-GB
    created: 2014-01-28
# Fixes.
    role: banner
    role: search
"#global-breadcrumb ol":
    _note: ERROR - role=breadcrumb is not valid WAI-ARIA.
    role: navigation

    role: main
"footer, #footer":
    role: contentinfo

.header-proposition nav:
    role: navigation
    aria-labelledby: .header-proposition

    role: form
    aria-label: Contact
".contact-form #textdetailscounter":
    aria-live: polite
    aria-atomic: false
    _note: ERROR - could be improved.
    type: email
# Epetitions.
    role: search
    aria-label: Search e-petitions

.petition_view, .petition_index_view:
    role: main

    role: navigation
    aria-label: Search result pages

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