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Accessibility and usability enhancements for the OER Evidence Hub and LACE learning analytics research sites, including the SVG map bits, Sankey diagrams, and so on.

Note, the SVG here is a lot more amenable to fixes than the HTML5 canvas + SVG on PhET simulations.

Developer: Martin Hawksey,

JuxtaLearn fixes moved to: Fix:JuxtaLearn.

%YAML 1.2
        - ""
        - ""
        - ""
        - "wikipedia:Sankey_diagram"
        - ""

    name: {{PAGENAME}}
    description: ""
    default_locale: en-GB
        - Nick @nfreear
    created: 2013-10-30
a[href = '#'], a[data-toggle=modal], a[href = 'javascript:;'], a[href = 'javascript:void(0)']:
    _note: "Stackoverflow:questions/134845/href-attribute-for-javascript-links-or-ja.."
    role: button

a[target = _blank]:
    role: Opens in new window

    role: banner
    role: navigation

    role: contentinfo
    role: main

    lang: en-GB
# SVG map etc.
"#fullscreen-button a":
    role: button
    title: Enter full screen mode (map)
svg g#map:
    title: World map
svg g#map[d ^= 'M687.02']:
    title: United Kingdom
    aria-label: United Kingdom
    _note: Will these country-labels actually improve accessibility? Needs testing!
svg g#map[d ^= 'M373.119']:
    title: United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.
    aria-label: United States
svg g#map[d ^= 'M579.312']:
    title: Brazil
svg g#barchart:
    title: Bar chart of...?
svg g#sandisplay:
    title: Sankey diagram of...?
    aria-labelledby: "#juxtalearn-map svg g#sandisplay text.santitle"
"#juxtalearn-map #impressum":
    title: Impressum
"#juxtalearn-map #ui":
    title: Customize map
".page #wpadminbar":
    role: navigation
    aria-label: Admin menu (in-page)
# Wordpress admin
".wp-admin #adminmenu":
    role: navigation
    aria-label: Admin menu

.wp-admin .postbox .handlediv:
    role: button
    tabindex: 0
    title: Click to toggle
".wp-admin #collapse-menu":
    role: button
    tabindex: 0
    title: Collapse/ expand menu

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