OpenLearn is the UK'S Open University's contribution to the Open Educational Resources (OER) project. It is part-funded by the Wikipedia:William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.[1]

OpenLearn is a member of the OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCWC).[2]

The Open University launched the OpenLearn website in October 2006 to provide free access to its educational materials throughout the world. The publication of such structured learning materials, designed for distance education, is unique in the field of open educational resources.

Source: Wikipedia:OpenLearn.

"The home of free learning from The Open University".

Accessibility enhancements and fixes for the OU's OpenLearn and LabSpace sites.

Note, OpenLearn is an amalgam of Drupal and Moodle. LabSpace and OpenLearn Works are built on the OU's fork of Moodle.

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    created: 2013-07-26
    #name: {{PAGENAME}}
    #description: >
    #    "The home of free learning from The Open University".
    #    Fixes for the OU's OpenLearn and LabSpace sites.

# Fixes.
a[href = 'javascript:void(null);']:
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# OpenLearn.
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    aria-label: O U menu
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    aria-label: Main OpenLearn menu
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"[name = q]":
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    aria-label: Search OpenLearn
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    # Evan Davis on... language
    aria-labelledby: "#content_title h1"
    role: complementary
    aria-label: About the author
    aria-labelledby: "#content_footer > h2"
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    aria-label: Other pages you might like
    aria-labelledby: "#articleMorenav1"

    role: complementary
    aria-labelledby: _SELF_ .dropdown_header h2

.dropdown_box a > img[src *= '/files/health']:
    aria-label: Are you interested in Health and Social Care? Click here for courses
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"#org-footer, #footer":
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# LabSpace.
.header_logo a:
    title: OpenLearn LabSpace
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"form #coursesearchbox":
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    aria-label: Search Lab Space units

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