Accessibility and usability enhancements for Open Essayist (openEssayist), part of the SAFeSEA project.

SAFeSEA (Supportive Automated Feedback for Short Essay Answers) is a new EPSRC-funded research project between the Institute of Educational Technology at the UK’s Open University and the Computer Science Department at Oxford University.

The aim of this project is to provide an effective automated interactive feedback system that yields an acceptable level of support for university students writing essays in a distance or e-learning context.

%YAML 1.2

        - ""
        - ""
        - ""
        - ""
        - ""
        - ""
        - ""
    ##name: openEssayist
    default_locale: en-GB
        - Nick @nfreear
    created: 2013-10-24
a[href = '#'], a[data-toggle=modal], a[href = 'javascript:;'], a[href = 'javascript:void(0)']:
    _note: "Stackoverflow:questions/134845/href-attribute-for-javascript-links-or-j.."
    role: button

a[target = _blank]:
    role: Opens in new window
    _note: .footer

.form-signin input:
    required: ""

    _note: A number of useful WAI-ARIA landmark roles are already in use on the site.
    role: banner

    role: contentinfo
# 5 November 2013.

    role: navigation

.alert-box button.close:
    aria-label: Close

    _note: ".alert-error#notification"
    required: ""
    aria-required: true

a[href *= '/help']:
    style: "cursor:help;"

a[href *= 'mod/forum']:
    _note: External

    rel: tooltip
    _note: BUG - currently says, rel="taooltip"

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