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Our aim is to help you explore your world by joining and creating scientific missions. We have three types of mission on nQuire-it - Win-it missions, Sense-it missions and Spot-it missions.

nQuire-it Missions logo

%YAML 1.2
    name: {{PAGENAME}}
    # Required, 1+. Glob syntax.
    # Required, 1+.
    default_locale: en-GB
# Syntax and fix example.
"#My ID selector":
    _note: A comment
    role: <ROLE>
    tabindex: 0
    aria-label: <ARIA property>
    title: <TITLE>
    style: <STYLE>

# Start accessibility fixes...
"#logo-container img":
    alt: nQuire-it Missions home
    title: nQUire-it Missions

.about-logos img[src *= about_ou]:
    alt: The Open University

.about-logos img[src *= about_nt]:
    alt: Nominet Trust

.about-logos img[src *= about_sutc]:
    alt: UTC Sheffield
    role: navigation
"#header-search-form-container form":
    role: search
    aria-label: Search missions
    aria-label: Search

    role: main
# Fixes for the "vote widget"
    tabindex: 0
    role: button

.spotit-vote-section .vote-widget .fa-thumbs-up:
    aria-label: Vote data up
    title: Vote data up
.spotit-vote-section .vote-widget .fa-thumbs-down:
    aria-label: Vote data down
    title: Vote data down
.spotit-vote-section .vote-widget
    aria-label: Report data as inappropriate
    title: Report data as inappropriate

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